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                        The Secret to GREAT hot dogs are steamed buns!

The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer is the easiest way to make the best soft warm hot dog buns you ever had guaranteed. It doesn't matter if your buns are 2 days or 3 weeks old, the Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer makes the same great hot dogs everytime! Simply bring one inch of water or beer to a low boil, drop your hot dogs through the cross shaped opening, place your buns on the grill and cover for 2 to 3 minutes. 

           TIP - open up your buns without braking the spine so the steam can better penetrate inside
After 2 to 3 minutes of steaming remove the lid quickly so condensation doesn't drip on your freshly steamed buns, carefully pull out the hot steamed buns and reach the cross shaped opening with a pair of tongs to pluck your cooked hot dogs from below. If the hot dogs aren't lined up with the opening just rotate the grill on the pot until they are.

For GREAT melted cheese dogs, place the cooked hot dog in a steamed bun and place the hot dog in the bun back on the steaming grill, cover and steam for 30 seconds. The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer makes the best melted cheese dogs your ever had.

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                                       My Mother froze everything! 
It all started with my mother. She freezes everything and when I was growing up she would bring nasty freezer burned buns back to life by steaming them in her old fashion bun warmer. To small boy it was like magic. Years later when I was at home watching a football game I made myself a hot dog with a bun just a few days old. It didn't taste very good when I realized that the 3 day old bun was the problem.

I remembered my mother bringing 6 month old frozen buns back to life, thats when I thought why couldn't I bring back a 3 day old bun, after all I'm already boiling the hot dog in water why can't I steam the bun at the same time. So I pulled out a cheese grater and placed it on the pot, it didn't work quite right, the bottom of the bun got soft but the ends dried out. I realized that the bun needed to sit down in the pot and the lid needed to go back on to get the steam to circulate... circulation is the key!

So I designed a little grill with adjustable hooked handles that hung half way down from the rim of the pot, brought one inch of water to a low boil and in three minutes I had a perfect hot dog. The only problem was when I removed the buns the grill was blocking me from getting to my hot dogs. Thats when it hit me, what inventors call their "ah ha" moment, if I made a cross shaped opening in the grill I be able to reach through with a pair of tongs and retrieve my hot dogs from below.

This simple design works unbelievably well & makes the best soft warm hotdogs you ever had... everytime. Whether you like Chicago style hot dogs, New York style hot dogs or my favorite melted cheese dogs, the Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer makes the best soft warm hot dogs you ever had! 

You just have to try it for yourself, if you're not convienced that the Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer makes the best hot dogs you ever had... EVERY TIME  just return it for a full refund!  

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or we'll refund 100% of the purchase price!

The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer and The Steamie are Patented #D577256, #D621218
and Trademarked with other domestic and international patents pending

Made from stainless steel Dishwasher Safe
* The Small 6.25" Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer works with pots between 6.5" and 9" in diameter. The Large 8.75" Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer with pots between 8.75" and 11.5" in diameter
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